(802) 251-1050 • Located in the Vermont Marketplace at 580 Canal Street in Brattleboro Vermont
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Energy Balancing & Alignment with Allison Mandell

If you are in acute or chronic pain, this healing session is for you. Allison’s form of energy healing works best on chronic illness or pain, acute injuries, post operative care, spinal and nerve difficulties, and more. She has great success with emotional challenges- experiences such as grief, creative blocks, loss of faith, anxiety, moments of great transition, and heartache. Although Allison can also open and reset chakras as well as rebalance emotions and mental spirals, her most miraculous “holy sh*t!” sessions come from those who have been in pain and felt stuck in their suffering. Certified as an Energy Healer, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and Transformation Coach, Allison's intensely healing gifts must be felt to be fully understood.  Book now to experience physical, emotional, and mental serenity. It is a wonderful thing to feel heard, healed, and safe.

Before her certifications and after a boatload of plant medicine ceremonies, Allison developed pain that emanated from her palms while meditating, and in an effort to understand how to handle her "hands situation," she discovered that the pain would go away if she laid hands on those who needed healing. This realization set her in motion to understand as much about energy healing as possible, and since then, she has practiced on hundreds of people across the globe as a gifted healer. 
Originally from Philadelphia, and spending her last decade in Los Angeles and the Hudson Valley, Allison has been able to understand and refine her healing skills through a consistent study of spirituality and plant medicine. Currently residing in Whitingham, Vermont, she lives in a constant state of gratitude for the masters and teachers she has learned from, as well as the clients she is able to serve. 
She shares her time between this practice, being a consultant and former Executive Producer for television, and running her online holistic community - Omnia Network.